Monday, October 15, 2007

Pancakes at the Algonquin Mill Fall Festival
Too late, another year at the Festival is in the bag. Three 11-hour days of cooking pancakes, taking orders from customers, and washing dishes...all nestled in the historic circumstances of the Algonquin Mill and the surrounding valley.

Can you tell stories? I mean, sit down, or stand on stage, and tell them to marginally interested kids and their parents? That's what this history thing was all about. His...Story. Abe Lincoln used to be a regular visitor at the Mill. He'd come into the pancake house, and I often would chat with him on the grounds. Most people, however, stood for one of his talks. Can you get any better than that? Having Abe spin a yarn about how hard he had it in his boyhood, and how he worked his way forward to be, among other things, the man who ended slavery?

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