Wednesday, February 14, 2007

George and Martha
OK, the Library of Congress' effort to celebrate Valentines Day may strain credibility with the kids just a bit. Still, we wanted to talk about these plain old html interactives. The entire set introduces 43 "Amazing Americans", 11 historic periods, 51 state profiles, and 12 recreation and music highlights. The simplicity does have much to commend. Audio?

What we really want to address, though, is Young Love. George paid a lot of attention to the ladies. Some times not with the success he hoped for .

Teens could learn much from Washington and other leaders' own youth. George started the Seven Years War when he was 22--five years before he married. (Many 22-year olds today are just hoping to get out of school). What was GW's life like in the years before that?

Wouldn't be cool if teens could experience much more of that life in the wild mountains of Allegheny and the ballrooms of northern Virginia?

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