Monday, July 07, 2003

Gouverneur Morris, Philosopher-Poet
Celebrating Independence Day, Richard Brookhiser writes on this pen-wielding founding father. His story says something to us, about the power of good prose, about the value of quality editing. Too much history suffers from cumbersome rhetoric. Morris, through his skillful quill, brought the constitution alive. More history writeres should take such care.


The print version of this article makes another point (though by negative example): Published History is too full of old people. At least in pictures.

Morris, in print for this article, appears a retired gentleman of stately posture in 200 year old clothes. Yet Morris was only 35 when he accomplished the deeds recounted! Ignite Media is one example of new media undoing this inordiate aging of heroic characters. They use a goofy young Jefferson in one of their media. Perhaps simply the voice of a younger actor can be a way around the advanced aging sysndrome.

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